English, immersion trip

Description :

For advanced students, the possibility to put into practice what they have learned, by planning and participating in a group day trip to TIMMINS (Ont.).

Activities include: cultural visit, two meals in a restaurant, a shopping rally at the mall, and of course, surprises!

 Note: each student will have to pay his own bill for the meals ans entrance (if it’s necessary).


Professeure : Sharon Hogan

Horaire : jeudi, 13h15 à 15h45 (3 x 2h30 = 7h30 + 11h30 = 19h00)

Dates :  23, 30 avril  – 7 mai (voyage), 14 mai 2020

Coût : 180$

Local : Polyno, A-217

Matériel recommandé : Oxford Picture Dictionnary, maps, brochures and internet information about destination and visits.

Nombre limite de participants : 15